Rent a bike Globalhagen hostel

How it works/ support

How to access the bicycle

Bicycle are accesable everyday between 9 am – 11 pm. Once you have booked and paid for your bike, you will receive a PIN code for the bike lock in yor invoice via email. If you have not received the email with the code for the lock in your inbox, please check your spam inbox. Remember to shuffle and lock the bike after use. If you need to adjust the seat with a wrench which is mounted on a wire on the yellow wall in front of the bicycles. Please remember to return the bicycle to same place as where you picked it up. To accessthe bicycle stands, please go through “Café Mellemrummet” (Ravnsborggade 11, 2200 Copenhagen N) go directly, turn right before the toilets, go towards the stairs, from the stairs there is a door to the backyard where the bicycles stands. its possible to adjust the saddle with a wrench hanging on a wire on the wall near the bicycle stands. When you need to go out theres a gate. Enter the button on the wall to the left to open the gates.

Find the lock code info in your invoice: as shown below

Remember to shuffle the code lock after end rental for avoiding theft.Please leave the bikes outside and dont lock the bike to the gates. Please park the bike in the backyard, where you picked it up.

Apple air-tag device tracking installed in the bicycle for minimizing theft and loss

Not just bicycle rental:

When you rent a bike with Booknbike, you also contribute to supporting Action Aid comb to fight poverty, corruption and a sustainable world.

Need support?

We always do our best to check our rental bikes after each use. But if you find some functional issues on the bike, please contact us as soon as possible at or +4540060040